YouTube introduced 144p

best prom dresses Just found this today that YouTube is now providing an ultra low bandwidth video quality mode. It’s probably for those situations that user want to just hear the music or having a small screen. The video quality is not good, but it’s worth a try :p


Users are not able to choose resolutions for their video(s). YouTube automatically enables the highest available resolution according to copyright and the uploaded video’s details; for example you upload a music video contains copyrighted materials, then YouTube will decide to remove your video or limit the resolution of it to protect author’s rights.

Please manually change the video quality to try.


Sonny Darvishzadeh
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  • none

    my video was forcibly converted from 240p just ok to watch to 144p horrible to watch.
    the 240p quality was even removed!

  • youtube users

    how to fix this problem, i don’t want 144p resolution on the video i uploaded. because of this, i’ve to removed my video and re-upload again. can someone tell me how to fix it?

    • So far as I know, you cannot change it in YouTube.
      But why are you worried about it? by default everyone will watch 360p and if internet speed is slow, it’ll show 240p instead. 144p should be chosen only by audience