Subway Surfers for PC

Subway Surfers Android Header

An addicted game from Google Play’s top free applications is available for PC.

All you need to do is open Intel AppUp center. Then scroll down and press Download Intel AppUp and install it afterwards. Open up installed application and you’ll find many paid and free applications listed in there as well as Subway Surfers. You probably will need to install Adobe Air.

Subway Surfers PC Screenshot

Sonny Darvishzadeh
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  • Login with FB account XDDD nice

  • Gary02006


  • Renas-b98

    the App-up app was not working on my Pc so i downloaded subway surfers from downloaded it as a torrent but i cant connect to facebook with it and i yesterday made 6,432,234 points and i wanned to show it to my friends on facebook but i couldnt do it

    • I’m sorry but the problem is they didn’t update PC version any more and that old version doesn’t have a Facebook integration.

  • Gary02006

    Why I can not find this game

  • MagoLedezma

    sup nice blog look me up im in texas

  • Kurdapyohkurdapyah

    hey brother i am wondering why i cant start the game on my pc? it only show the boy painting on the train… any solution?? thanks

    • Well I’m not sure about your problem, every computer has its own issues and I’m not able to help you out.
      The way I mentioned is through Intel AppUp center, you can also find a direct way installation by searching through torrents, it might help

      • Sherquasha Cumberbatch

        can u send the link

    • Allan


    • Mas Priyatno

      I’m pretty sure you can’t click anything or doing anything to start the game. That’s exactly the same problem I had. The solution is you have to Install Adobe Air and Java on your PC before installing Subway Surfers.
      If it’s not working, then you need to FULLY (including deleting Subway Surfer registry) uninstall Subway Surfer first, then re-install it.

  • Dhruv
  • Sherquasha Cumberbatch

    i have subway surfers on my laptop how do i get friends from the download even though my laptop is coneected to the wifi

  • Shahebaz

    I cant start the game

  • elmedina

    i love so much this game but i didint to install this games

  • ‘Bharat Rabadiya

    after paint the train its not working any key OR mouse./…..

  • fauzaan

    i want the Update.please tell how to update for pc

    • I wanted it too, but unfortunately couldn’t find through this method of installation.

  • Ossa Mohamed

    he tells me installition aborted

  • Cerik


  • ZZY

    there is no icon in subway for connecting facebook in pc?