Everyone of us go through life’s ups and downs.

One thing that recently got me puzzled was the fact that I was going too down and even suicidal. I’ve been observing the pattern, looking for the root cause that led me to that lifeless mood and that helped me tremendously just by recognising what it was (can’t say what it was here).

Found another reason on why I get sour and so negative; and that is the failure to receive what was promised to me. It’s not high expectations, but what clearly was promised, not even looking for more. Again, just by recognising what the root cause is, I’ve managed to become calmer and more in control. After all, promises are normally unilateral; have I managed to deliver what “I” promised to the other party? if yes, then I am allowed to be upset (or find a better solution?) if not, then I must be ahead in fulfilling my part first before any expectations.

Always ask why, stay curious, read more, you’ll find the answers, you’ll find the peace you were looking for 🙂

Sonny Darvishzadeh
Sonny is a full stack web developer, living and working in Berlin. He's thirsty for knowledge, nearly travelholic, likes to share his observations and write about places, people, foods, ideas, etc. You can contact him via darvishzadeh[at]gmail.