Searching for the perfect combination to stay focused

Having lived more about 6 years in a tropical country, the biggest thing about weather that I ever missed was not just a particular month or season, but the entire cycle of seasons. Just like good nutrition, good sleep and stressless lifestyle, I believe the perfect climate is also a big factor to stay focused.

During teenage years, I could easily concentrate on learning and developing websites. Frustratingly in the past couple of years I wasn’t the same person, the focus was gone. Until realising that it is probably due to the new tropical climate I moved in into.

I grew up in a city having the “Rain City” nickname, in northern Iran, where the sky is mostly cloudy throughout the year, especially around autumn. Malaysia on the other hand, where the only two seasons are either rainy or dry, is so incomparable to the cycle I used to live in. Coming back to hometown for a short stay showed me exactly the difference that I was wondering about. Wondering if a calm and snowy season would’ve helped, or the humidity was the culprit, but no..

To define a perfect climate for myself, I’d put the temperature somewhere between 15 and 25 degrees celsius, fully clouded sky with occasional drizzles, slight breeze at max and the other features are somewhat irrelevant if these conditions are met.

Sonny Darvishzadeh
Sonny is a full stack web developer, living and working in Berlin. He's thirsty for knowledge, nearly travelholic, likes to share his observations and write about places, people, foods, ideas, etc. You can contact him via darvishzadeh[at]gmail.