More green everywhere

AEON Go Green boardWe can see more green activities around us, this time I saw this board next to AEON BIG cashier counters. As it says, Say NO to plastic bags! Bring your own eco bag every time!

Just for the records, I’m still a vegetarian and it was a successful diet for me. Looking forward to add more raw vegetables and fruits to it so it can help me lose some fat as well.

Subway Surfers for PC

Subway Surfers Android Header

An addicted game from Google Play’s top free applications is available for PC.

All you need to do is open Intel AppUp center. Then scroll down and press Download Intel AppUp and install it afterwards. Open up installed application and you’ll find many paid and free applications listed in there as well as Subway Surfers. You probably will need to install Adobe Air.

Subway Surfers PC Screenshot