YouTube introduced 144p

best prom dresses Just found this today that YouTube is now providing an ultra low bandwidth video quality mode. It’s probably for those situations that user want to just hear the music or having a small screen. The video quality is not good, but it’s worth a try :p


Users are not able to choose resolutions for their video(s). YouTube automatically enables the highest available resolution according to copyright and the uploaded video’s details; for example you upload a music video contains copyrighted materials, then YouTube will decide to remove your video or limit the resolution of it to protect author’s rights.
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More green everywhere

AEON Go Green boardWe can see more green activities around us, this time I saw this board next to AEON BIG cashier counters. As it says, Say NO to plastic bags! Bring your own eco bag every time!

Just for the records, I’m still a vegetarian and it was a successful diet for me. Looking forward to add more raw vegetables and fruits to it so it can help me lose some fat as well.

Reuse it again and again. Then recycle it – again.

Starbucks green bagThis photo is for about 3 months ago, when I bought a Starbucks green tea bags and they put it in this lovely recyclable bag.

You can also read the text here:

Reuse it again and again. Then recycle it – again.

This bag is made with at least 95% post-consumer fiber.
Use it, Reuse it and then save even more trees by recycling it.