Better thoughts, better lifestyle

Some of these just past through my mind and I thought it’s a good opportunity to write them down, then make them goals and use them to enhance the process of achieving my dreams.

So in order to have a better lifestyle and change my main issue, the selfishness, I will

  • start building my world and stop expecting others to build it for me,
  • give more and become a teacher in what I do,
  • replace constructive criticism with usual complaints and rants,
  • be more positive / less negative,
  • see the problems if I was after fixing them,
  • mention the problems if I found a channel or person to fix them,
  • learn from failures,
  • etc.

I guess a todo list would help organising the messed up mind.

Space Time

I was very young, maybe 12, that my teacher was telling us a story in classroom. At one part he said that God ever existed, exists and will exist forever. It was a really mind twisting claim. I went home and thought about it. I remember that my aunt told me that it is true and try to not think about it, because it will drive me crazy. She tried to scare me, but for my curious mind, I couldn’t let it go. My most of thoughts were on bed, and I came up with a solution, we are trapped in space and time, that’s why it wouldn’t make sense that something has ever existed.

There were times that world problems would excitingly hook me for a long time. It’s funny, but I was trying to invent some simple math formulas, like how to calculate square of a number, just by having the square of the previous number; like we have 169 (which is 132) and we want the square of 14, which is 196. And the solution is to add the base numbers to the smaller square: 169 + 13 + 14.  I know I’m terrible at describing it, but my point is that I was always fascinated with science.

I had this ridiculous idea of creating a device that works like a blackhole. Imagine a device in your bedroom with lights on, and the device will suck the light in and the room becomes dark. Then I had the same idea with the sound, it would be a great isolation 🙂

The more practical thought was to create a speed bump that is car friendly. My idea was to implement 2 or 3 air suspensions underneath the bump’s skin, then slow cars would easily press that down and cross safely, but faster cars will really feel that bump, because it takes time to turn flat.

Sometimes I really want to go back to physical sciences and study physics, chemistry, geology.. I’m 26 and still have doubts what I’m gonna do in future.

How I lost weight

you’re FAT and want to know what to do? this is what i’ve done last year that helped me losing 3 stones.

I fell sick in February 2014, I lost my appetite and didn’t eat enough for few days, I lost 4 kilos (which later I realised that it was mostly water weight) and made me wonder the significance of diet on weight loss.

so the idea was from this fact that if we don’t eat, first glycogen will get drained, then body turns into fat burning mode (ketosis) and then protein and bones etc. so i thought what if i only eat protein? then my body won’t cannibalize the muscles! well yeah it worked, but there are consequences that you need to be aware of. I basically went on boiled eggs and veggies diet.

  • high protein diet from meat and dairy products mean acidic blood, so you need to alkalise it with veggies and other stuff, unless you like cancer.
  • again on meat and dairy protein diet, you’ll barely go to toilet for number two, so you need some real good waste like fibre.
  • vegetable protein amino acids are not complete, so you need to have a diverse range of them + take care of vitamin B12 deficiency.
  • our brain’s “preferred” energy source is sugar, not fats, so the functionality drops to about 80%.
  • being on ketosis, changes person’s mood, messes with hormones and metabolism (i had quarrels once in a while).

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Find the interest in your life

When I was a child, they told me that God had existed before creating the world and will exist after its collapse. At first, it looked unrealistic and they told me to not think about it, it’ll drive me crazy; but within an hour I got my first idea: “we’re trapped in time!” and it means God’s existence is out of time’s boundary (although I’m an atheist now) and science has proven that we’re living in warp of space and time . My point is to analyse and thinking critically, find what are you interested in, then go for it!

Everyone’s interest will change through years. I wasn’t quite sure what I’m going to be, but had some interests in physics and biology, now I’m blogging and developing websites but looking more for topics like Black Hole, Multiverse, Quantum Physics, DNA, Water, Energies, etc. Yeah, what we make money of might be different with what we’re interested in, but at least try not to hate your course/carrier.