Atheism and Veganism

I had a friend, a firm believer of atheism who later became a vegan. Now that I think about his beliefs, it just doesn’t make sense.
Atheists believe that god doesn’t exist. They fully believe in evolution. Then how does his veganism separate humans from other species, isn’t this what religions trying to say? At least I found it in ibrahimic religions saying that humans are superior to all other creatures.
If we consider evolution, then, humans are no different than any other animals. Just fighting over a species eating type (carnivore, omnivore, herbivore, etc) doesn’t make world a better place.
I’ve always said, we humans are not superior, we are just dominating the earth, we overpopulated the earth, fix this, not changing evolution’s facts.

Do Salary and Job Title for new graduates matter?

TL;DR Yes, only if you’re already an elite or a prodigy. If not, find the right company, not the most famous one, but where you could learn.

In an industry like web development with its crazy fast emerging languages, tools and techniques, hoping for a university degree or believing that a job will kickstart your learning path is a mistake.

It became more obvious to me as I’ve been taking interview tests in the past couple of months. Not only that, I’ve also put down a senior position offer with higher pay to join a company of elites for their learning opportunities. So I decided to write a short junior letter to new CS graduates or anyone looking for a job for the first time.

Dear Young Programmers or anyone worried about the job title or the senior / junior prefix.

These names and prefixes are somehow irrelevant. It also becomes less of a concern as we transition from junior to senior and accepting more responsibilities.

A chart shows priorities change as developers become more experienced.
Stack Overflow Developer Survey Results 2016

If you look at the bigger picture, by simply going through the details in job listings, you’ll quickly learn that a junior position at the X company could be harder to handle comparing a senior position at the Y company. As you work for at least a couple of months in different companies, you’ll learn that your actual duties aren’t so the same as the job details in your contract. Every company has a different environment, goals, priorities, etc.

As a new graduate, a junior or someone with a little to no experience, all your focus should be looking for learning opportunities. Learning both technical and soft skills. You should only be concerned finding a great mentor and or team to learn from, not salaries, not the job title. This doesn’t mean you should sacrifice other aspects though; like work-life balance.

The important things you need to know after finding a job are your road map, your career goals, where do you see yourself in the next 5 or 10 years? Read my experience when I started my first job last year after graduation (1st job after a degree, but 4th in total).

Searching for the perfect combination to stay focused

Having lived more about 6 years in a tropical country, the biggest thing about weather that I ever missed was not just a particular month or season, but the entire cycle of seasons. Just like good nutrition, good sleep and stressless lifestyle, I believe the perfect climate is also a big factor to stay focused.

During teenage years, I could easily concentrate on learning and developing websites. Frustratingly in the past couple of years I wasn’t the same person, the focus was gone. Until realising that it is probably due to the new tropical climate I moved in into.

I grew up in a city having the “Rain City” nickname, in northern Iran, where the sky is mostly cloudy throughout the year, especially around autumn. Malaysia on the other hand, where the only two seasons are either rainy or dry, is so incomparable to the cycle I used to live in. Coming back to hometown for a short stay showed me exactly the difference that I was wondering about. Wondering if a calm and snowy season would’ve helped, or the humidity was the culprit, but no..

To define a perfect climate for myself, I’d put the temperature somewhere between 15 and 25 degrees celsius, fully clouded sky with occasional drizzles, slight breeze at max and the other features are somewhat irrelevant if these conditions are met.

Loneliness & Longevity

The video titles might not seem related to loneliness or longevity, but after watching them, we can easily find the link.

This one is about a Harvard study and the conclusion is good relationships, while loneliness kills.

I have watched Guy Winch’s video for many times over and over again and I believe it strikes many of us, because loneliness is part of every human being.

And here’s another story: The Greek island of old age, indicating that good relationships make us happier and live longer.

Just think about east asian people that are famous for living a long life. Their culture is more family oriented and community driven rather than following individualism which is common in western countries. It now seems apparent that the asian concept of taking care of 3 things is legitimate; health, wealth and relationships.

It might seem obvious that happiness is the ultimate goal of life, but many don’t know how to achieve it throughout their lives. We struggle for many years to make some cash to live a better life with, but we don’t realise throwing those precious years away, so miserably lonely, that slowly kills us from within.