Loneliness & Longevity

The video titles might not seem related to loneliness or longevity, but after watching them, we can easily find the link.

This one is about a Harvard study and the conclusion is good relationships, while loneliness kills.

I have watched Guy Winch’s video for many times over and over again and I believe it strikes many of us, because loneliness is part of every human being.

And here’s another story: The Greek island of old age, indicating that good relationships make us happier and live longer.

Just think about east asian people that are famous for living a long life. Their culture is more family oriented and community driven rather than following individualism which is common in western countries. It now seems apparent that the asian concept of taking care of 3 things is legitimate; health, wealth and relationships.

It might seem obvious that happiness is the ultimate goal of life, but many don’t know how to achieve it throughout their lives. We struggle for many years to make some cash to live a better life with, but we don’t realise throwing those precious years away, so miserably lonely, that slowly kills us from within.

Sonny Darvishzadeh
Sonny is a full stack web developer, living and working in Berlin. He's thirsty for knowledge, nearly travelholic, likes to share his observations and write about places, people, foods, ideas, etc. You can contact him via darvishzadeh[at]gmail.