How I lost weight

you’re FAT and want to know what to do? this is what i’ve done last year that helped me losing 3 stones.

I fell sick in February 2014, I lost my appetite and didn’t eat enough for few days, I lost 4 kilos (which later I realised that it was mostly water weight) and made me wonder the significance of diet on weight loss.

so the idea was from this fact that if we don’t eat, first glycogen will get drained, then body turns into fat burning mode (ketosis) and then protein and bones etc. so i thought what if i only eat protein? then my body won’t cannibalize the muscles! well yeah it worked, but there are consequences that you need to be aware of. I basically went on boiled eggs and veggies diet.

  • high protein diet from meat and dairy products mean acidic blood, so you need to alkalise it with veggies and other stuff, unless you like cancer.
  • again on meat and dairy protein diet, you’ll barely go to toilet for number two, so you need some real good waste like fibre.
  • vegetable protein amino acids are not complete, so you need to have a diverse range of them + take care of vitamin B12 deficiency.
  • our brain’s “preferred” energy source is sugar, not fats, so the functionality drops to about 80%.
  • being on ketosis, changes person’s mood, messes with hormones and metabolism (i had quarrels once in a while).

now you know these, i’d suggest if you’re following this path, then you can do this:

  • do carb cycling.
  • combine all sources of proteins, moderation.
  • Make sure to use good fats like coconut oil, nuts, etc.
  • men, hit the gym and lift heavy with compound exercises, at least once a week, leverage the after burner effect.
  • women, do the above, don’t be scared to make some muscles, it will take years for you to be muscular enough to be not attractive, you’ll lose weight before making any significant muscles. or at least do heavy cardio.


In below there are some messy keywords, terms and topics that I noted for myself to look at once in a while, you should also learn about them too, at least have a quick look.

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  • Spread the meals, have 6 but smaller
  • Good and Bad Fats and also Carbs
  • Amino Acids completeness
  • Habits, Lifestyle, Busy, Breaks, Sad Fat
  • Monitor and Track, endomondo,,, etc
  • Fast & Slow Protein (Whey, Casein, Cheese, etc.)
  • Effects of fats and fibre on digestion and absorption
  • Fresh as possible, normally more nutritious
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