Homestay in Rasht, northern Iran

Hey there,

Long story short, Iran has a huge hostel shortage; so we thought we could help this by providing a homestay experience in Rasht, northern Iran, where it’s just in the middle of Gilan province for those who want to visit the Rasht city itself or go to popular tourist destinations like Masuleh and Caspian sea.

Apartment is located at the fifth floor in Yakhsazi (Shohadaye Gomnam Square).

Pricing would be $12 / night and $5 for additional person.

You can contact my brother Sasha for more information.

Sasha’s cellphone number is +98 911 134 9278 with whatsapp, viber, telegram and more messaging apps. His Skype ID is lsaashal.

I will upload photos soon, but for now please ask Sasha directly.

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