Atheism and Veganism

I had a friend, a firm believer of atheism who later became a vegan. Now that I think about his beliefs, it just doesn’t make sense. Atheists believe that god doesn’t exist. They fully believe in evolution. Then how does his veganism separate humans from other species, isn’t this what religions trying to say? At least […]

Do Salary and Job Title for new graduates matter?

TL;DR Yes, only if you’re already an elite or a prodigy. If not, find the right company, not the most famous one, but where you could learn. In an industry like web development with its crazy fast emerging languages, tools and techniques, hoping for a university degree or believing that a job will kickstart your learning path is a mistake. It became […]

Searching for the perfect combination to stay focused

Having lived more about 6 years in a tropical country, the biggest thing about weather that I ever missed was not just a particular month or season, but the entire cycle of seasons. Just like good nutrition, good sleep and stressless lifestyle, I believe the perfect climate is also a big factor to stay focused. During teenage years, I could easily […]