Atheism and Veganism

I had a friend, a firm believer of atheism who later became a vegan. Now that I think about his beliefs, it just doesn’t make sense.
Atheists believe that god doesn’t exist. They fully believe in evolution. Then how does his veganism separate humans from other species, isn’t this what religions trying to say? At least I found it in ibrahimic religions saying that humans are superior to all other creatures.
If we consider evolution, then, humans are no different than any other animals. Just fighting over a species eating type (carnivore, omnivore, herbivore, etc) doesn’t make world a better place.
I’ve always said, we humans are not superior, we are just dominating the earth, we overpopulated the earth, fix this, not changing evolution’s facts.
Sonny Darvishzadeh
Sonny is a full stack web developer, living and working in Berlin. He's thirsty for knowledge, nearly travelholic, likes to share his observations and write about places, people, foods, ideas, etc. You can contact him via darvishzadeh[at]gmail.