Travel tips 1

Get a powerbank, preferably at least 10000mAh and pick the most lightweight one; there are many with similar pricing for surprising different weights.

Going cold places? invest in fleece jackets; they are lightweight, keep you warm, dry fast and can also be found other than polyester if you’re sensitive to it. Having a sporty neck scarf and a set of fingerless gloves is a smart way of reducing heat loss.

Another smart choice is to buy a fleece towel; similarly it dries quickly, it’s very lightweight and takes little space.

Can’t sleep on the airplane? definitely get an eye mask. Also a noise cancelling headset could dramatically improve the flight experience! otherwise a pair of ear plugs would help too.

in dealing with uncertainties

Sometimes we have no plans, and sometimes too many that we are helpless in prioritising them; we dream, we get back to reality, we enjoy and open up, we detest and become more reserved. Life has its ups and downs and we try to survive and thrive.

You are scared and unsure, too little time? All you need is to invest in educating yourself more. Go and see the world, read more, waste time no more. We get addicted, what is addiction? It’s a sign of exhaustion and frustrations.

We need to relax and devote a few minutes every day to plan, either short or long term. The only way to get out of frustrations is to educate yourself alone, to write your thoughts and wants down. We listen to others, but we make the decision, alone.

Atheism and Veganism

I had a friend, a firm believer of atheism who later became a vegan. Now that I think about his beliefs, it just doesn’t make sense.
Atheists believe that god doesn’t exist. They fully believe in evolution. Then how does his veganism separate humans from other species, isn’t this what religions trying to say? At least I found it in ibrahimic religions saying that humans are superior to all other creatures.
If we consider evolution, then, humans are no different than any other animals. Just fighting over a species eating type (carnivore, omnivore, herbivore, etc) doesn’t make world a better place.
I’ve always said, we humans are not superior, we are just dominating the earth, we overpopulated the earth, fix this, not changing evolution’s facts.